Sunday, June 26, 2011

Down by the Riverside

 It's hard to believe we are still having so much lovely weather this winter. The ground is sodden underfoot after several nights with heavy rain, but daytime conditions have mostly been partly sunny and calm. This afternoon there were a few drizzly patches, but there was still plenty of time to get outside along the river for a walk.

 A work party from the Council seems to have been chopping up branches etc, and a few piles of  chopped wood were dotted around.  I realise I have a bit of a 'thing' for taking photos of chopped up firewood!

 Here is a view of the Manawatu River itself, with such lovely brown tones along its banks.

 Winter trees always look better with blue skies! The cliffs behind run alongside the river.

 And here's a view that shows more of the cliffs.

A few people have houses up near the cliff edge. Not sure how/why permission was ever granted, as you could take bets on how long they've got before the cliff slips away into the river...

And here's another 'winter tree with blue skies' shot to finish off with. I know I enjoyed these winter moments of happiness while I was out walking... Palmy Pride!


  1. Gorgeous wintery photos, Kiwi!

  2. It's nice when you get sunshine on a weekend in the winter, instead of all the crap weather! But we are still waiting for our crap weather- might be coming up from down south now though!

  3. Saves me the trip across the Tasman. Good pics, Nomad.

  4. Palmy pride, lol. Must say, it does seem to be a nice town in nice environs.

  5. lol Robert, I guess you have your eye on another Camino adventure sometime like me anyhow. Andrew, there has been some 'media bashing' of Palmy by supercilious Auckland media personalities. It has happened to other inland NZ towns. Palmy has fought back.

  6. Very nice pics. If that's winter, I'd take it!

  7. I am willing to share it Ted, but I know I wouldn't want the cold of your winter in return!