Thursday, April 28, 2011

118: Otaki Railway Station

This glimpse of the nearby Tararua Ranges was seen from the Otaki Railway Station platform.

After several days of bad weather I was desperate to get 'out' and decided to take a holiday shopping trip to the Otaki outlet stores. It was freezing when I left home, and I was well dressed in layers and my wind jacket. But Otaki sometimes seems to have a microclimate all its own, and by the time I was ready to leave again, I had peeled off several layers and was enjoying the sunshine...


  1. Rain has brought cold autumn weather for you and we have experienced warm thundershowers for the last 3 days. Now maybe the leaves will "burst" out of their buds on our trees!

    p.s. Hope it was a good shopping trip.

  2. I remember those Quebec thunderstorms... one day in Quebec City I was caught outside in a real downpour when lightning was striking.... took shelter under a bank building entrance. Scary! It was good shopping trip. Bought two new merino jerseys, and a new top. Not too extravagant! Then visited friends on the way home. Great to 'escape' the indoors.

  3. Well today it went up to 21 celsius with rain this morning and sun this p.m. but with 100km/hr wind gusts! Hydro poles and trees down all over the city. Thank goodness our hydro lines are buried in this part of town! Had to put away the patio furniture. What an April we are having!

    Going to Quebec City tomorrow and I hear they still have snow on the ground!