Tuesday, January 30, 2007

White Island

White Island is a continuously active marine volcano off the east coast of New Zealand and I took a boat trip from Whakatane to reach it. ( More info later on my Nomad blog. )

White Island is so impressive that these photos can only give a glimpse. But here is a glimpse into a visit onto a live marine volcano.

Landing at the bay.

Walking across the outer part of the crater towards the inner crater lake.
The colours are truly varied on the rocks.
Here is an older couple in our group, near a fumarole.
Layers exposed, revealing some past activity.
The crater lake, much higher than it was on a previous visit I made here, but lower than it has been. A lot of the edge has slumped down from where it was on my last visit as well.
Another group in the distance - gives some idea of the scale of the volcano.

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