Monday, January 22, 2007

Stanfield Hut

Today I went on my second PNTMC tramping trip of 2007. Again I met a couple of people I had tramped with 'way back'. The trip was into "Stanfield Hut" on the eastern side of the Ruahines, a track I had gone on quite a few times many years ago. The uphill bits provided a challenge this time around, but it's all in the plan to improve my uphill fitness!

The sign is an 'old' one - yes the altitude is in feet above sea level.
We had taken the ridge track up to get to the hut, and had some wonderful views en route of the hills. To get back to the carpark at Tamaki West Road, we followed the stream.


  1. Kiwi:

    Wow! What beautiful country side. It's Winter here and I'm really itching to get in some outdoor activity (in my copious free time).

    I always appreciate the comments that you leave at my BLOG. I gave you a shout out this morning. People like you keep me BLOGging.


    P. Del Ricci - Dark Glass

  2. Doesn;t look as if you're having droughts in Kiwi-land! Those huts are great, aren't they!

  3. Absolutely true that there is no drought this year. This photo was taken on the eastern side of the ranges.... and there was, unusually for there, little sign of drying off at all. In fact we are feeling quite deprived in this part of the country as summer has only spent a few days here. I am heading off on Thursday and hope to catch at least a bit of east coast sun.