Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Coast to Coast

After my day in Waitomo, I took rather a long journey 'Coast to Coast'. After going on the Ruakuri Walkway, I travelled down on the road to Marokopa and a short walk took you down to these magnificent Marokopa Falls. (The morning sun made a photo a bit hard to take.)

I next arrived at the Marokopa township. Here beside the river estuary is a place that you feel time has truly forgotten. It was not really on an easy road to anywhere.

I then travelled along the coast up to Kawhia. This harbour was a peaceful place as well, though it did not feel nearly as isolated as Marokopa.

Next came a 'big drive' from the west coast at Kawhia, right across to the east coast at Whakatane. Above is a scene of boats on the harbour at Whakatane, while below is a seat by the war memorial in the town.

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