Thursday, May 04, 2017

Redcliffs and nearby

A friend lives at Redcliffs, Christchurch, with a stunning view of the estuary as it opens into the sea below. From her place we took several walks. One track started near a drain where a kotuku was living, then took us along the Heathcote River. Another took us steeply uphill to near the Summit Rd. And a third walk took us to Sumner Beach. Here are a few photos from the walks- and a few of the view my friend enjoys without even leaving the house!

 Daytime view, then dawn view

 Crepuscular rays after the sunrise had finished
 Autumn trees along the Heathcote River walkway
 The second morning's sunrise
 On the climb up from Redcliffs to the Summit Rd
 The view up the top in a reserve not far from the Summit Rd
 Lots of work has occurred to make the cliff near Sumner safe if further rock falls occur. Houses that owners loved used to perch up here.
 Seen on Sumner Beach
 This kotuku and the shag below were seen when we took the path towards the Heathcote River.

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