Saturday, April 15, 2017

A short southern sojourn

The Easter holidays are here and I am headed off to the South Island for a brief stay. I decided to take the 9am ferry from Wellington which meant an early start from Palmy. However when I went out to the garage this morning I was treated to a calm morning, with moon and stars in the sky. Cloud that was in the sky was lit up by the moonlight and it all looked rather beautiful. 
It was an easy drive south to Wellington with hardly any other traffic on the road. It was my first time on the new Kapiti expressway and at just after 6am on Easter Saturday I had it pretty much to myself. I had no idea how long it was, and it was actually a bit weird to totally miss Waikanae. It had modern reflectors on the sides of the road, and dividing the lanes, that all shone up in the darkness and I felt as if I was in some kind of alien land. More than once I got a bit worried that I had somehow missed an exit sign and that I shouldn't even be on this new road yet!
At Paremata I had a quick comfort stop. Strange as it may sound, I had never stopped here at low tide, and I really hadn't realised how tidal it all was.


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