Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where I am heading...

Next April I am heading to Italy for a ten day walk from Assisi, on some trails associated with St Francis. The northernmost point that I'll walk to will be Gubbio. A Camino friend is currently walking south on the 'whole' St Francis trail that I'll just be walking a small part of, and the other day she posted some photos from Gubbio on her blog. (See the second half of her post.) I was very excited to see her photos- and have pinched one here for my blog...

Photo- taken by Janet, the happy wanderer
 Today I shouted myself a 'birthday present'- and got myself a new day-pack for the walk, with attachments to hold walking poles. (My old day-pack that had such things was stolen in a burglary two years ago- used to cart stuff away in -sigh.) I only need such a day-pack of course since I am getting my larger pack transported this time! It turned out that a very good local outdoor shop- one that carries good walking shoes large enough for my big feet- is closing down next week. They had 50% off most stock, and I got myself a day-pack I was very happy with, quite cheaply.

I have been using the Strava App when I go out walking, and used it when I walked downtown this morning. It was a pleasant discovery to find that even though I caught the bus home, I had still walked 4.7km to get downtown and then walk around a few shops. It might have been mostly flat, but I will still claim the kilometres- for a total of 19km on four short walks so far this week.

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