Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Lux"- Wellington Lights

When I saw photos on Twitter last weekend of the Lux Wellington Lights festival, I decided to head down that way for a looksie, by way of a mid-term break of sorts. Turned out the weather was kind- and I had a  great weekend.

I stayed in a motel where I have stayed before, on Majoribanks St, an interesting hilly street that leads from Courtenay Place, straight up to Mt Victoria. There are many old wooden houses and shops still left in this part of the city.

I decided to start walking the Lux route from the laneway end, and I found this fascinating as I had never set foot down this part of Wellington before. I very much enjoyed the mixture of architecture, and hidden secret corners waiting to be stumbled upon. Here are decorations where someone presumably lives...

There were crowds of people out enjoying the lights, including many families with children. There was an installation with moving lights that proved to be very interactive.

I loved this installation, and especially how it was set amongst the buildings surrounding it.

Once I reached the water, it was reflections that took my eye. The yacht club buildings looked beautiful reflected...

as did this pedestrian footbridge.

Right at  the end, past the TSB Arena, they had two shows with projections onto a screen of sprayed water. The first show had a Kapa Haka group in action, looking as if they were dancing on the surface of the water.
And the second show had ever-moving and developing shapes:

I wandered home to my motel, safe amongst the crowds. I passed this lighting near Te Papa- possibly lit this way always- but I liked it...

 I enjoyed my evening, wandering amongst lights and people. So glad I came down...


  1. Hi there, I have somehow stumbled upon your blog. Mt. Victoria used to be my old neighborhood, and I'm glad to see some familiar spots featured in your blogpost.


    1. Hi Binti- Thanks for your comment. I was just visiting Wellington- but stayed the weekend so went wandering. I had never been up Mt Victoria, and loved going up there, and wandering the streets near my motel on Majoribanks St.