Saturday, July 19, 2014

Winter Afternoon Light

For some reason- perhaps because my present classroom has quite large windows- I've been very much aware this winter of how low the sun is in the mid-year sky. And this afternoon I went for a walk in the Esplanade and saw how that low-angled light was falling. The colours all seemed very vibrant today- maybe because of the very cool air we have had for several days.

Confession time first:- I have a new camera, that is supposed to be good at taking low light shots, so I was experimenting in the lounge yesterday evening... and yes, it does cope very well in low light.

 There were more beautiful magnolia blooms in the gardens today.

 By the Manawatu River it seemed to me that colours were especially bright and clear.

 Near the bridge are these historic flood protection groynes, and there are signs that describe some of the city's history with floods. The Manawatu River mostly seems quite gentle and harmless, but the 2004 floods showed us that is definitely not the case all of the time.

These large trees near the bridge are always impressive, whether they are bare or covered in leaves.

 Again it seemed to me that this sign stood out from the river in the background in a very vibrant way. I tend to go walking in the mornings but perhaps I need to check out the afternoon light more often!

 It was really only afternoon tea time when the sun was already slipping down behind the trees, leaving everything in a cooler shadow.

 These are the very same trees that less than three months ago were covered with autumn leaves.

 I am still working out how to use the macro setting. This new camera is very clever, and quite sophisticated, and I have to learn how to make it do what I want it to do in terms of depth of field.

And to finish, kawakawa, the NZ pepper tree, in flower.

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