Friday, July 11, 2014

Feilding Market Day

Today, in the middle of my holidays, I decided to head across to Feilding for the Friday market day.

The town was very busy, with lots of others having the same idea, but after a bit of driving around I found a parking space. This painting was on the back of the old building nearby, an unusual place for a bit of art like this.

I hadn't gone far before I noticed more murals on buildings. For some strange reason, I had never noticed them before, not that I visit Feilding very often. This one with the trompe d'oeil effect took my fancy.

Feilding has many signs of its Edwardian glory days, with architectural details on many buildings. My eye was taken by the 'shell' motif on this building, something I am used to noticing from my days walking on the Camino routes in France and Spain.

 This War Memorial is in a peaceful square...

 ...and not far away the Clocktower is surrounded by a modern traffic island.

 These lamps are in keeping with a lot of the older style of architecture in the town. I am not sure how 'original' they are- though perhaps they have been restored.

 The market is not huge, but it is friendly, and you can buy various locally made products. I bought some Rangitikei honey, and two different kinds of home-made soaps, and will take them south for a gift in a few weeks time. I also bought some marmalade for my breakfast, and chocolate chip cookies!

En route back to my car, I stopped off at the Feilding stock sales yards, which has its busy day on Fridays too. This shot shows the sheep yards. Behind me are all the cattle pens.

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