Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday morning in Paris

Sunday morning in Paris
Brrrrr this is why I packed my woollen hat. After two warm sunny days today reminds me of why I did indeed need to bring my warm jacket.

Lots of people were up early at breakfast this morning: marathon runners! But I am getting plenty of exercise walking the streets and I am being reminded of just how much exercise there is to be had going up and down stairs in the metro! Take note Trish!

I was aiming to be at St Sulpice church by 10.30 as I'd read the pipe organ then was magnificent and it was. Rest of Mass was more ordinary - I thought there might be Gregorian chant but it was contemporary led by a tenor cantor. And Kiwis note: no kneeling. At the end of Mass the organist, Daniel Roth, played for half an hour and lots of people were listening.

Before Mass I walked in the Luxembourg gardens. Lots of sculpture, and presently tulips in bloom. Runners and Nordic walkers there too but I tried not to feel guilty I was just dawdling!

I wandered while the organist played, and Fran, there was a chapel dedicated to the guy who founded the De La Salle brothers I think. He was obviously behind a lot of education efforts in France.

As I left the church more and more people were streaming in. They were obviously having some kind of celebration for Divine Mercy Sunday.

It seemed even colder when I left the church and I started keeping my eye out straight away for somewhere to eat. If there is one thing I have learned in France it's to eat when the locals do or you might miss out. And you can eat well for quite a reasonable price even in Paris if you go back a street or two from main tourist spots. Found a warm cosy place. Waiter was a bit surly to start with when I didn't want beer but seemed to recover politeness when he saw me typing this on iPod Touch. Funny.

Ok time to wrap up in my jacket and walk to the Orangerie museum which will be heated too.

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