Saturday, April 21, 2012

First three days

First three days
Arrived in Cluny Tuesday evening with my friend Francis. He had reserved the first few nights accommodation for me, and was generously walking with me the first two days.
After initial climb out of Cluny the first bit of the Chemin was fairly flat and I enjoyed breathing in the experience of being in the countryside. Lots of spring flowers coming out. Also got to pat a few donkeys who were hoping for food. Quite a lot of mud so I soon had my walking pole out.

Wasn't long before we were climbing but our reward was some spectacular views.

Second day I had been warned that the first 5km was a tough climb to Cenves and it was! The worst bit was a muddy track with water streaming down it. There were a few big ups and downs after that too, and 9pm last night I was dead to the world. Ah but I was dead to the world in my own room in a Chateau.

Today - Friday was my first day walking alone, and it was a long climb up a mountain- but I was pleased to find I managed it quite well, my body getting in the groove. Met up with two German pilgrims and four French ones. Tonight I am staying in a lovely chalet in a camping ground by a lake.

There was a bit of snow lying on top of the mountain today but it didn't rain much. It's bucketing down this evening though do I hope it gets it all over and done with before morning!

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  1. Margaret,

    It is wonderful to be able to read your blog once again! I am certain that many of your followers were greatly distressed when you were off line.

    Keep up the good fight and the good walk!


    Margaret Meredith

  2. So happy to hear from you! Got some info from D & L via Skype. I knew wifi points would be few and far between but didn't think it would take so long!


  3. from what I can see the weather gets better in the next few days,looking forward to following you on your travels Margaret.

  4. Good to hear from you Margaret - go well!


  5. Mud and slush should make a Kiwi feel right at home: Dunedin, House of Pain and all that.

    My God, this is an exciting hike. To think you are actually there, nomad!