Sunday, October 09, 2011

Turitea Rd Walk

It was a nastily cold afternoon/evening outside yesterday, and I guess I wasn't expecting to wake up to sunshine today. But I did, and that sunshine spelled 'Walkies'. Camino/Chemin training has begun for me now:- in about six months I will be in the northern hemisphere for their spring, and walking will be my daily diet for more than a few weeks, so the time has come to start getting ready!

 I decided that a casual stroll up Turitea Rd might fit the bill this morning, so parked my car at the walkway carpark on Old West Rd. I came across these sheep sheltering under a tree very early on, and they kindly stayed still and posed for me.

They were just the first of the 'cooperative' animals today. Next were the alpacas in a front paddock. (There is another photo of them on my 365 blog.)

Soon after that I heard a kereru fly overhead, and it perched itself on this tree for a good feed.
 I walked up as far as the bridge by the Turitea Water Reserve, and decided to walk back via the Green Corridor as far as I could. Here they have been planting trees over the years, and you can access a track that runs near the stream.
 And if in fact you want to walk the length of the corridor, in three places you even have to cross the stream...
 ...and get your feet wet. Ahhh but it was fun- I haven't done it for a while. (And my shoes don't seem to have minded the dunking either: they are nearly dry after spending several hours in sunshine on the back deck.)

 Here's where I left the Green Corridor- feeling grateful to those who keep adding to it.

The last stretch back to the car was in warm sunshine- no jersey needed. And when bathed in sunshine, even mundane things like rusty fences become things of beauty.

That was the first of many walks I expect to take in the coming months. I'll keep you posted....


  1. So enjoyable it doesn't seem like training!

  2. lol at the pace I took it, slowing down to take photos all the time- it wasn't exactly proper training. But it was enjoyable, and there were a few minor hills to get the heart rate going. But then, who is to say I will walk the Chemin any faster? I am not the fastest sprinter out of the blocks!

  3. Why not adopt the same rhythm including taking photos on the Chemin? Imagine the memories you will be able to conjure up looking at your photos!


  4. I'll have to go a bit faster on the Chemin Michèle, or I might not reach the next village for the night! I am sure I will still manage to take lots of photos anyhow- except for when it is raining!

  5. What chemin are you taking and when do you start?

  6. Ahhh now that is not a question with a simple answer ;-) I am starting on the Chemin from Cluny mid-April, heading for Le Puy. Thereafter I am not sure which 'option' I will take. Am really interested in also walking the Geneva-Le Puy route, but will wait to see how I cope with the greater solitude, bigger ascents/descents and probably greater costs on the Cluny route before I decide. Other options from Le Puy include re-walking some of the Le Puy route, heading south to le voie du Piemont Pyreneen, or even across to Vezelay. And I want to touch base with my Irish buddies in Moissac. Amazingly, I am quite at ease with all this uncertainty! I am being taken to Cluny by a Frenchman I met in Spain, and his wife, and am really looking forward to seeing them before I start.