Monday, October 24, 2011

Queen - 'We Are The Champions'


  1. Well done to we Australasians, er New Zealanders.

  2. I assume it's NOT the Underwater Basket Weaving Championship to which you're referring...?
    Congrats to the All Blacks!

    And, yep, it works :)

  3. Andrew, I think you Australians were amazingly generous in defeat, lining up as a guard of honour when the ABs left the field last week!
    Jayne I have no idea why blogger was being fussy about comments in the other format, but glad this works. I guess Blogger are fiddling with their systems somehow... And it is definitely not the Underwater Basket Weaving Championship: Go the All Blacks!!!

  4. Good choice! Actually since the French gave them a good run for their money, you will probably have an easier time next Spring in France.


  5. I hope so Michèle! I got a lovely reply from Liliane who said "FELICITATIONS AUX VAINQUEURS, les Français ont très bien joué mais c'est vrai les joueurs Néo-Zélandais ont été les plus forts pendant la coupe du monde alors BRAVO pour eux." And I think that sums it all up pretty well- my feelings too!