Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pohutukawa in the Square

 It is still very muggy here, but this morning there was no rain and I headed off for a walk downtown. The pohutukawa around the city are coming into bloom in time for Christmas. These three photos were all taken around the Square- the top one by the Council buildings, the middle one by the ponds,

and the last shot near the Plaza corner, showing some of the ducks that have returned to the square now the breeding season is behind them.

And I saw another of these special stormwater drain covers, this one picturing inanga.

 I can't leave you without a couple of duck shots though.

 It was so humid, the ducks were just sitting there, so it was easy to sit on a nearby seat and take photos of them!


  1. Gosh, you are doing well with the camera now. They are great photos. Even the duck smiled for you as you clicked.

  2. Thanks Andrew. Actually, quite a few of the ducks seemed to be opening and closing their beaks. I wondered if it might be a 'cooling mechanism' for the humid conditions. But maybe it is something they do all the time but I just haven't noticed before!