Friday, December 10, 2010

Kahuterawa Rd Walk

When I was training for the Camino, I used to walk on some of the country roads near town, and Kahuterawa Rd was one of my favourites. But since my accident,  I've been nervous of walking in the countryside with just a narrow verge beside the road. A few weeks ago I headed out onto Kahuterawa Rd with a friend: that 'broke the ice'. And today I stepped it up a notch- up as far as Green's Rd. 

 There were a couple of horses grazing, and a herd of cattle were in a paddock close to the road. 

Today these followed a pattern I've seen before. The horses gave me a few seconds glance, then put their heads back down and nibbled more grass. But the cattle seemed to find my presence more alarming, and stared at me straight down the camera lens.

 Summer was rampant: wildflowers grew in profusion all along the way.

Not so many wild flowers in this paddock though: looks like hay has already been cut and stored. 

And finally, another pukeko (swamp hen). The lens (20X) on the new camera certainly helps me zoom in.
(And if you want to know how this walk fits into future dreams, try my new blog!)


  1. Funny to see green when we've had snow here in the UK for 2 weeks!

  2. I know, I have been following your weather. I just received a remarkable photograph of deep snow around a pilgrim friend's house near Paris.

  3. Lovely photos. Particularly like the horse one. And the cows are awfully cute. =) The photo from your other blog was great.
    Having half a meter of snow, and more coming, outside makes it odd to think it's summer somewhere else.

    How's your wrist doing? Starting to feel normal again?


  4. Hi Hilda, Now why doesn't it surprise me that you like the horse photo??!! Wrist is far more normal, but still don't have full range of motion. It was quite 'stuck' like concrete for a while, but the physio is pleased with how it is loosening up now. I have been going swimming a lot and that seems to be really helping me get strength back into it.

  5. Hi, yeah, that is a surprise isn't it? I'm going riding tomorrow and I'm so glad it's the horse and not me that has to walk in all this snow.
    I'm lucky enough that I don't have to see my physio therapist anymore. I have full range of motion back & full strength in my grip (and apparently I'm quite weak even at full strength, hehe). Just that little nerve injury that has to right itself...