Sunday, November 21, 2010

A visit to the Coolest Little Capital in the World...

After work on Friday I headed straight off to the Coolest Little Capital in the World for a family event... I arrived at my sister's with just a few minutes to spare before joining them all to catch the bus downtown to Courtenay Place. They live near Otari Bush, so it is not uncommon to see kereru and tui on the trees around their house: this evening I just had time to take a photo of this kereru before the bus arrived...

The event itself was held at Motel, a remarkable little cocktail bar in an obscure little lane, with an unobtrusive frontage.... It was a very sophisticated place- and we had it for our 'private function' until 10pm. My nieces were dressed up beautifully and loved the whole occasion. I was impressed with how well the staff treated all the children...

Next morning we had a little bit of time to explore at Otari Bush, before we left on a 'picnic'. This unfurling frond was on the street frontage outside my sister's place.

When I did the NZ Flora paper this year, we learned a bit about the botanists and explorers who were important in laying the foundations for our understanding of our unique flora. So I was delighted to see this plaque honouring Cockayne at Otari.

And after my studies this year, I also realised for the first time (!) what a remarkable collection of native plants there is at Otari, with collections organised in various ways, and  even including alpine plants..... I must go back quietly on my own one day in the holidays and have a Big Explore!

For Saturday lunch we had a 'picnic', that for weather forecast reasons we brought indoors. My brother-in-law is a remarkable caterer. He had catered for 24 for a picnic.... and here are our individual jellies with fruit!
Thank you extended-family for a lovely celebration!!


  1. A great post Kiwi! Wonderful shot of the pigeon!

  2. Yes, I was lucky it stayed still! I got three shots of it, and it was eating in one shot. Not so well focused- but I might put it in a Facebook album and you can see it....

  3. What a perfectly pretty pigeon!
    And I'm lovin' the blue jelly, what did your bil use?
    Sounds and looks like you had a good time :)

  4. What are the yellow flowers Kiwi? Is it manuka?

  5. No not manuka....maybe some kind of broom? I had the lens on a big zoom.... couldn't see the bush closely but it looks like broom...