Friday, November 05, 2010

Religious Buildings

Sometimes when I set out on a walk with my camera, I am never quite sure what might end up taking my interest. Today the bright red sign about 'special evangelical meetings' at the Gospel Hall took my eye, and it made me think about those citizens of the city who attend services in one of these smaller, plainer, simpler church buildings.
Next I walked past the Emmanuel church, where quite often you see Pacific Islanders all dressed up on a Sunday. With its paler bricks, it tends to 'blend in' and be easily missed as you pass by. But when I looked more closely I noticed the interesting archways above the porches, and the glass cross in the tower.
The Catholic Cathedral is never easily missed: its tall spire draws attention from many directions in this flat town.
 Last church in today's collection is All Saints, the distinctive brick Anglican church on the edge of the Square.


  1. Sometimes I think that by the time I get to your end of the World, I will have seen a lot through the lens of your camera. Thank you for interesting photos!

    Michèle, Ottawa (ON) Canada

  2. Michèle, meanwhile, your various blogs have taken me on camping and cycling adventures in various places I probably will never go.... When is your next trip? Or are you hunkered down for the winter now?!

  3. We have not made our mind up yet what to do in 2011. We have been invited to go cycling in the Berlin region with a friend of ours who is a retired history professor. He promises to give us lots of history about the city and its surrounding area. If we did that we would also do a couple of weeks before, Vienna to Munich or Strasbourg to Munich. We are also thinking about another road trip, Colorado, Arizona and California. But for the foreboding winter coming, I think we will hunker down.