Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mainly Square Reflections

Sunshine took me out walking this morning, and I was inspired by George to go looking for a few reflections, mainly around the Square. The first photo though is just fun. It looks a bit like this duck is eyeing up the lion behind itself, but I suspect it was more interested in making sure my motives were not nefarious...

Coleman Mall is looking especially pleasant at present, with a whole row of blossoming trees, (of which I am showing you just one- you'll have to visit soon yourself to see the rest.)

Now we get to the reflections. This one shows the City Library, formerly the DIC department store. It was transformed by the architect Ian Athfield, and is well worth lots of exploration inside, even if you have no intention of borrowing books.

I wonder if a certain supercilious Jafa TV presenter sees any irony in describing Palmie as boring, when on the same programme Auckland's inability to restore its own majestic St James Theatre is reported. This library is only one of our restored buildings: the magnificent Regent Theatre was also restored with a huge level of community support.

And now, a wee 'reflections' interruption to show Andrew my latest aducpas offering. I see I have discovered six draincovers in this series now- three fauna and three flora. I wonder how many there are....

And without further ado, on with the reflections. The only good thing about the oddity of this Auckland style skyscraper in our much more human-sized cityscape, is that you can watch the clouds pass by in its glass.

Maybe I have posted these trees reflected similarly on the blog before- but I can't find them..
 And it is interesting how many different reflections of the clocktower you can get, just by changing your angle a bit...

Finally, away from the Square now. There is a new modern building next to the Catholic Cathedral. The reflection shows quite a clash of eras and purposes....

By the way, I have added a new label, Palmy Pride. A certain segment of the media can't see past their noses when making pronouncements about 'boring-ness'. (Fortunately, we are not all obliged to live in the sprawling metroplis of Jafa Opinions.)


  1. Love those reflections, the effects are marvellous :)
    Yep, I prefer the older buildings, something the glass and steel monstrosities are only good for is reflecting these back ;)

  2. I had fun Jayne ;-) It is always interesting to see how the cloud/sky makes the reflections different.

  3. Kia ora Kiwi Nomad,
    I think Palmy is a wonderful place to live. I lived in Mpls. St. Paul, Chicago, and Milwaukee in the states, all cities of well over a million in population, particularly Chicago. While big cities have their own charms, character, and better night life, as a place to live, raise a family, have access to both mountain and sea, and time to enjoy them, this place is fantastic. Let the big city people snub their noses, it keeps them away. Great walk by the way.

  4. I agree Robb. I have spent some wonderful time in places like Paris and Rome and Barcelona, and I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring them. But Palmie is 'people-sized' for living in, and it really is so close to the ranges and only 30 minutes from the sea.
    I am good at doing town walks. Would like to try the Gorge again soon, but am not supposed to fall over yet with my arm still healing- and it might still be a bit muddy there. I have some confidence issues to overcome- not to mention fitness ones! But I am doing more and more things again every day..