Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Storm Threatens

Around lunchtime when I went out walking, it was sunny with light cloud. There were weather warnings last night for the Tararua Ranges, and trampers were warned about the conditions and rising rivers etc. Certainly there was cloud over the ranges that I could see as I walked in town, but any rain had to be falling on the eastern side.
By 3pm though, conditions had changed. Though it was still sunny, calm and pleasant in Palmerston North, a storm could be seen threatening over the Tararuas. This first photo shows the front spilling over the ranges near the river.
And this second photo, looking towards the ranges, shows how dark the clouds had become. Soon I spied some lightning in the dark clouds over the ranges.
But no rain arrived, though a gentle rainbow just gave a hint of its presence. There was that slightly weird before-the-storm feeling, but it seems that any storm has remained mainly in the east.
As I write this in the evening, some rain has begun gently falling..... but this storm was just pretending to come here.


  1. It must have poured down somewhere. 2nd and 3rd pics are rather dramatic.

  2. Yes, I think if you were up on the ranges you would have struck a lightning storm.... and on the eastern side I am sure it must have been raining...

  3. I used to love tramping through the Tararuas. And the Rimutakas.

  4. we are having unsettled weather here.. probably as a result of global cooling of the upper stratosphere!

  5. I think that mostly the Ruahines and Tararuas have got too steep for me now maalie! Simon we had a lovely April here, but winter has almost arrived this week- some days....