Wednesday, May 19, 2010

River walk-autumn afternoon

My reward to myself today once I had finished my Massey assignment, was a walk beside the Manawatu River. The forecast was for rain.... but it seems that once again the rain mostly visited the eastern side of the ranges.

It was mid-afternoon when I walked, with the sun pushing its way through some sombre clouds.
Here are some of the groynes in the river that are designed to help push flood flows more towards the other bank. We humans have tried to 'cheat' nature here by moving the whole course of the river over away from the town. But when the water is in full flood, it all wants to find its way back to its previous course.

The water is so very low at present, it makes it hard to believe that this river can ever be badly behaved...
Today it was just a gentle river under a steely sky
Autumn giving the promise of winter.
A glorious place to stand and gently be.


  1. yes- a quiet walk beside a river is a perfect way to spend some time!

  2. Lovely pics again Kiwi.

    Being by the river at the moment is a real joy and your blog captures the mood and scene so well.

  3. I am finally getting used to using the dslr now.... I felt so helpless with it for ages, and so obtrusive after using my little camera, but I am very much enjoying the wonderful detail it can capture. The light yesterday afternoon was very special.