Sunday, April 18, 2010

Square Sunshine

It was far too glorious today to stay indoors, so I walked down to the Square and took some more photos.

And yesterday I discovered how I could export a slideshow with sliding panels.... so..... I have uploaded a version to YouTube. (This is lower quality as upload speeds in NZ are sloooooooow. If any of my teaching buddies know a local teacher doing anything on the Square or Palmie.... they are welcome to contact me for a higher quality copy!)

Anyhow.... here it is: summer and autumn sunshine in the Square..... Enjoy!!


  1. Hey, I have just caught up on your posts Kiwi! Fantastic pictures! As you know, our sunshine is thinned a little by a cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland!

  2. I have gradually been losing my fear of the digital slr.... so photos are improving. Sunshine helped all these look good and bright though!
    I read they might be bringing people home to the UK via Spain if this keeps up....hope for Jill yet.....