Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flying South

This weekend was a special event down in Christchurch. I had booked window seats on my flights, and was fortunate to get magnificent views in both directions. Leaving home, there was a splendid view of the Manawatu River snaking its way across the floodplains.
Once we had reached the South Island, we traveled over the sea for much of our journey. Here Kaikoura pokes out into the ocean.
I saw several large braided rivers twisting through hill country until they reached the sea.
There were special times with my friends in Christchurch- and two of us walked along the beach near New Brighton on a calm, sunny Saturday morning.
There was also time to just walk slowly and take some photographs of autumn trees. This group of coloured leaves was lit behind by the sun for just a short time in the afternoon- and most of this tree remained green.
Monday morning I was homeward bound again, this time over land in the south. Surprisingly, there was a dusting of snow over the Kaikoura Ranges.
At Lake Grassmere, where seawater is evaporated to leave salt, the colours of the pools were intriguing from the air.
It seemed like we were passing over the Marlborough Sounds in no time.... and soon we were touching down back in Palmerston North, on North Island soil.


  1. Beautiful photos - and your home looks so exotic to one from Canada!

  2. Thanks Lynne. I once had reason to fly over Canada - from Montreal to Vancouver- during daytime, and I found that pretty amazing! I guess one thing about New Zealand is that the landscape can change so quickly from one area to another...

  3. Doesn't change that quickly here in Canada for sure! Great photos Margaret!

    Michèle (Ottawa) Canada