Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unseasonable Cold and a Reunion

Last Thursday here in Palmerston North was just Freeeezing. The temperature was low enough at 9am and just dropped from there. We seemed to spend a large part of the day hovering around 4C. Plus it rained and rained...... It didn't seem like much consolation to say "It must be snowing in the Ranges."(Actually, it felt about as cold as it was on the day I walked across the Aubrac Plateau in France which is at a much higher altitude.)But come Friday morning there were these tempting glimpses of snow on the Tararuas....
It was well worth enduring the cold of Thursday to see these views on Friday morning.
Just as well the rain stopped, as I was due to drive north for the Sacred Heart reunion in New Plymouth, 125th Jubilee. (For my overseas readers, believe it or not, that is quite 'old' in New Zealand terms!!!)And it was a great weekend. Lots of my former classmates were there, and the decibel rating was high throughout!!! We are already planning the next reunion...


  1. I thought it was spring in New Zealand. Has it got colder again?

  2. It is spring! But one of the odd results of our split from Gondwanaland and subsequent floating off into the vastness of an ocean is that we are exposed to all sorts of weather. Snow can even arrive occasionally on the mountains in the middle of summer!!! Fortunately, the freezing day last week was a 'one day wonder' and it has warmed up again, though we have had quite a wet week this week.

  3. been very cold here too with 60cm of snow dumped on the ski fields.

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  5. I think your site looks great..... and I am sure to click on it often ;-) Let's hope it keeps telling us we have 26C for a few more weeks!