Saturday, January 02, 2016

Coastal Explorations

Friends had told me to take the coastal road south from Oamaru, and the Tourist Office had given me a map that made it easy to find the route. I headed out into the countryside as sea mist rolled in.

Kakanui was a ruggedly varied beach, with an abundance of kelp just off-shore.

And at the river there were fishermen's huts old-style, no airs and graces or pretty paint jobs.

After a break back at the campsite I headed off for the Katiki Point lighthouse, where I was hoping to see some yellow-eyed penguins. I saw lots of seals, and yes, some penguins! I watched with some others down inside the hide.

There was an interesting description of how this penguin colony had come about through the efforts of one couple, caring for penguins, and eventually volunteers have planted up a significant area in flax and natives suitable got these secretive penguins.

Tomorrow morning I will move on again, towards Dunedin. There were some beautiful skies here at Hampden to farewell the beach with.

Lots more to say and show from today, but it has gone 10pm, and even this far south, it is actually dark outside!



  1. I love these photos! The seal amongst the kelp is especially interesting. At first glance I thought there were yellow seals! Love the fog and the kids playing on the beach!

    1. I think I have some other good seal ones Michèle. Will try and put some on FB later.

  2. Jean-Claude figured the yellow-eyed penguin copied Donald Trump's hairdo in that first photo.

  3. Poor seal having to suffer that comparison

  4. These are stunning pics Margaret! The seal in the kelp is a beauty as is the lighthouse, the wee penguins and that beautiful wind driven cloud! Love them all! You're certainly not missing a beat are you! :)