Wednesday, December 23, 2015


A friend lived her early years in Collingwood so yesterday afternoon when it had cooled down a little, I went wandering to take some photos for her.

This is the view from my campsite right near the waterfront. I was sitting in the deckchair hiding in the shade when I took this.

Pohutukawa tree flowering in the campground.

I am always a bit of a woodpile freak, and spied this one not far from the camping ground.

I learned today that there have been several serious fires in Collingwood that destroyed many of the old buildings, but several remain.

Then it was time for a small Beach wander.

And a chance to paddle my feet before bedtime!


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  1. Oh I wish I didn't have to look at all this beauty - can't wait til we head to the the boat and the woodpile piccy Margaret. You must have gone nuts in Switerland!! ;) Also love the Post & Telegraph shop - I guess no longer functioning?