Sunday, February 22, 2015

Exploring in Wellington Pt1

This weekend I came to Wellington for a special event, and am so pleased I stayed an extra night to breathe in some sea air. As it happened Wellington was really full on Friday night, with the NZ-England cricket game, and national swimming champs. So instead of staying in a more central part of town I had to venture out. Turns out that was a real blessing. I am in the Airport Motel in Lyall Bay. The room is quite small, but oh what a view over Lyall Bay. Heaven is...

Last night's event was also sea-front, at The Pines in Houghton Bay. Here's a family photo - rarely is such a thing included in this blog- but I love the silhouettes!

This morning I woke much earlier than planned so took a walk to Kilbirnie, somewhere I hadn't wandered before. Here are a few photos from along the way.

I finished with a walk back along Lyall Bay. Next it was time for a drive around some bays, and I headed down via Moa Point. Some showers were to intervene for a while.
 Here is the Interislander heading for the South Island. I was stunned by how many times I saw ferries today but I guess locals get used to it.

The rain ended though, and some sailors took to the water.

I stopped for the first time ever at the famous cafe at Scorching Bay, and indulged in a hot chocolate.

One of the 'ships' on a mural at Scorching Bay.

And to finish this part of the blog post, here is the Bluebridge Ferry heading out of the harbour.

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