Sunday, October 12, 2014

Training has started....

In 25 weeks time, I will be heading onto the walking trails near Assisi for ten days, and the time has come to start upping my amount of physical exercise. The weather this weekend has been very kind for such endeavours.

Yesterday (Saturday) I did another variation on the city walkways, starting from the bridge again. I headed up Turitea Walkway as far as Springdale Grove- then across to join the Summerhill Drive trails coming downhill. Knowing the route so well now, I knew how to cut across a field to rejoin the route just below this seat.

My friend Strava kindly told me I had walked 5.3km.  (I have fallen in love with Strava.)

Today was another glorious day, and calm, so I decided a bike ride along the Manawatu River track would be in order. Strava told me this was 16km.

Once I reached the Esplanade, I enjoyed seeing all the little ducklings again.

And now I am home enjoying some final relaxation before school starts again tomorrow...

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