Sunday, May 12, 2013

Industrial Passage

It was a beautiful morning as I left home for a 6km walking circuit. The sky had just a few clouds, pink tinged, until the sun came up. Walked back along Tremaine Ave and Ruahine St, and took a few 'industrial' photos in the morning sunlight. Here's a selection.

 On North St I was struck by the shapes and textures of all the 'grey'. 

 Railway accoutrements

There used to be a large old factory on this site, recently replaced by this single storey, characterless 'box'. At least they have left all the palm trees intact.

 Noticed this on the roof of the place where I get my car serviced. Never noticed it before- usually too focused on talking to the mechanic.

 I was struck by the way the sunlight hit the wood on these pallets. I didn't notice the 'matching' car numberplate until I downloaded the photos back at home.

 Just an 'ordinary' draincover- but they all tell a story and have a history. I wonder why this one had bits painted blue at some stage.

 In several places the barbed wire and blue skies took my fancy.

 Everyone has their own associations with this place. I suppose I am lucky I just remember a day with a broken arm when I walk past...

Nearly home- the way the trailers were arranged caught my eye.


  1. That would be an air compressor at you car garage. The compressed air might pump up your tyres, raise the lift to get you car off the ground to change the oil, and maybe even deliver oil through taps for staff to put back into your car. It does look very old though, and I am a bit out of touch on modern methods.

    1. That makes a lot of sense Andrew. I had assumed it must be air-conditioning for when it got too hot- but I was a bit puzzled as it never seemed very warm in the garage!