Saturday, August 11, 2012

Himatangi Beach

It's a month now since I got home- surely time for a walk along the beach. I love Himatangi Beach as you can walk so far, for quite a few kilometres if you feel like it. Since it is a west coast beach, it can have some quite wild moments, though today it was sunny and calm.

 There were a few others sharing the beach...

 and you could see Kapiti in the distance.

  Just a few birds were surveying the shore for shellfish-
a few gulls and a couple of pied stilts- or were they pied oystercatchers?

 And a few others were walking along the beach. You could feel the tension from the working week just drop off your shoulders and down your arms to be left behind in the sand beneath your feet.

Back home, it was time to face the reality that I needed to do the lawns, and that quite a lot of weeding is needed in the garden. It really is time I made some good resolutions about the garden and kept them!
 But meanwhile, the first of the white stellata magnolia buds have come out to be enjoyed, whether I do any gardening or not!


  1. It was a beautiful day. And the very next day was pouring with rain- rain that is supposed to continue for days. Sigh!