Thursday, February 09, 2012

Along Green's Rd

Last night I read an account written by someone who has walked the route I am planning to walk in a few months- and it scared me somewhat! I knew that the Cluny route was going to be very hilly- but I didn't really think too hard about the long distances that might be needed if the limited accommodation is booked out... So, I decided that my 'training' so far has been a bit like 'playtime' compared to what is to come, and today had to be another 'hill' day. And finally, we had a 'proper' summer's day for it. I parked my car at the end of the sealed section of Turitea Rd, so I could walk up the metalled road and through the walking/biking section onto Green's Rd- then return.
There were lots of wildflowers along the way.

 And it also seemed to be a busy time for 'nests' for various insects or spiders.

The sunshine was pouring down as I reached one high point, ready to walk downhill then up the other side again. You can't see them here, but a group of soldiers were training for what looked like mine-sweeping operations. One of them offered me some water if I needed it: my face probably looked quite red and sweaty when I passed them, but I had a bottle of drink ready for when I reached the high point of the walk at the top of the very next hill.

 As I sat down at the high point for a drink and some fruit, I noticed a power pole, that seemed to provide a good contrast with yesterday's small pylon...

 There were quite a few native tree ferns alongside the road in various places.

And to finish- a bee on a thistle...


  1. Good grief...these pictures are looking forward to your pics from France!

  2. Karon, since I am starting in April, chances are it will be raining quite a bit and my camera will be deep in my pack!!

  3. Great pictures! Although the spider's web kinda looks icky... although I don't have lots of beautiful pictures like you, you can check out my blog

  4. another great walk Kiwi. I did a ride for the first time in about 8 months-nearly killed me lol!

  5. Just don't go and overdo it Simon, and wreck all that patient recovery!!! Hope you will be able to ride more soon though.

  6. I know I've said it before, Kiwi, but a couple of your pictures don't half remind me of some northern England scenery — the Howgills, or the Cheviots, perhaps.

  7. Robert, the scenery around here has largely been brought about because of our proximity to a meeting of tectonic plates. Below us, the plate boundary is about 30-40km deep, so the land is getting a bit 'scrunched up' and moved around above it. We have an area in Canterbury in the South Island called Cheviot- so maybe that reminded the European settlers a lot of home in northern England.