Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wellington Zoo

I had a visit to Wellington recently- to go and see the touring Andrew Lloyd Webber show- which was just superb. I am still singing Love Changes Everything...
I took the opportunity to do a few other things- eg visit the Wellington Zoo, and be a 'big kid' for a couple of hours. 

These monkeys were very entertaining to watch. One had obviously found a 'food tube' that the keepers must have hidden, and the others were trying their polite best to get some of the contents...

 This pelican seemed completely used to visitors snapping its portrait.

 This lion had been roaring loudly just before I reached its enclosure- then all went quiet and it appeared to be doing what lions do best- sleeping.

The giraffe was hanging about outside its night-cage while the keeper cleaned things out.

 It seemed to be awfully slobbery when its head came close...

At The Nest they operate behind glass and  you can ask questions of the assistant. Here they were putting a pin in the leg of a pukeko whose leg was broken.

 The most worrying adventure of the day was having to get from the Zoo to the waterfront area, find a park, and not be late for the Show at 1.30pm. I thought I had it all sussed with my GPS unit, but I must check its settings before I return to Wellington: it said it couldn't design me any route as it said there were carpooling lanes... However, I made it anyhow, and had time to visit my male friend overlooking the harbour.

There is always so much to see on the Wellington waterfront- I love the poetry in various spots. So long as it's a nice day, you could spend hours exploring here. I'll be back...

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  1. It is odd how the scale of its enclosure makes the giraffe look small.