Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Normal Life Resumes...

Today dawned bright and sunny- a treat after the heavy rain we had on Monday. I had a physio appointment, so left home by foot in plenty of time, with my camera in my backpack to take some photos as I walked. It was just such a sunny morning that I had taken my camera out some two months ago, and ended up with a broken arm... I was keen not to repeat that part of the experience...

Not far from home, I noticed the shadow pattern made by the wrought iron gate that is part of the War Memorial Gate on Ruahine St, at Terrace End School. I loved the way the shadows and the moss sat together.
Right near the physio's clinic, there was a blossom tree, and the flowers looked magnificent against the blue of the sky- a great announcement that spring has definitely sprung. And there was more good cheer at my appointment: I really do have some useful fine motor movement now- quite a change from twelve days ago, and truly a credit to the skill and dedication of a wonderful physiotherapist.

After physio I continued walking to town, and saw two more of the 'interesting drain cover' series, and hereby present them for the edification of fellow members of aducpas- the non existent 'Australasian drain and utility cover, and plumbing appreciation society'. 

The breeze was blowing in the Square, filling the flags...
I had a hot chocolate, pretending I was in France, then walked on home again. About 6-7kms or so. Training for the next Camino maybe!!?

Addendum: I can now drive, as of yesterday afternoon. Short flat distances. If I use my splint. But had wee adventure with my splint this evening- searched to find it for an hour. Thought my new-found freedom was a 'goner'. Eventually found it. Velcro on splint had attached itself to velcro on raincoat, and both were hanging neatly together in the cupboard...


  1. Great photos :)
    The drain covers are a good find, quite decorative :)
    Have you seen Timespanner blog yet? Think you might like :)

  2. Yes..... there are quite a few of these covers around I am discovering. Saw another one but never had my camera.

  3. Glad all is all the mend! Lovely photos. Best wishes from... SW

  4. Glad to hear you're getting on so well with the physio Margaret.

  5. Thanks SW and Nell. I am enjoying being able to do so many things again 'normally'- new things each day. And I am sooooo impressed with my physio: she is so incredibly skilled, and the improvement has happened very quickly- from nearly zilch hand function two weeks ago, to much more independence...

  6. Lovely drain covers. Lol about your splint. I went out once with a tea towel velcroed to my backpack.