Thursday, July 15, 2010

blogging break

We will be having a small break in blogging transmission..... I have broken my arm.....

 but my sister has been an angel and came down and filled my freezer with meals I can just put in the microwave....


  1. To you a swift recovery!

    Make sure you take some Vitamin D Kiwi! About 4000iu daily which will help healing!

  2. Hope you heal quickly, take care :)

  3. Margaret - I should have said as well, this gives me plenty of time to absorb your wonderful photos blog,


  4. Thanks Andy. I won't be using the camera much immediately either!

  5. How on earth did you manage that!
    You parachuted out of a low flying plane?
    Your bungi rope was too long?
    You tripped down some stairs?
    You tried to do a double summersault?
    You fell off a horse?
    You tried to hit someone and punched a wall instead?

  6. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Looking forward to more pictures when you're better.

  7. ummm I hate to admit it sil, but as a pedestrian I decided to have a fight with a car. But it was an unpredictable accident- police have classified it as 'no fault'. I am very fortunate that my only injury was to my arm...

  8. Hi Margaret,
    Happy healing and from the look of your freezer eating!(that's a good sister to have)

  9. did you walk in front of the car??!!!

  10. bit more complicated than was doing u-turn from parking space..our paths met....I did kind of end up right in front of the car... which was pretty scary...