Tuesday, February 23, 2010


One of the bonuses of working 'part-time' is that I can do groovy things like volunteer to help with local conservation projects. Today a small group of us went up Kahuterawa Rd where some powelliphanta snails needed to be found and relocated before some track work proceeds.
I had always wondered how people 'found' these things that usually seem so well hidden. But going on a trip with some experts you learn these things. There is a particular plant that powelliphanta seems to like especially well, and underneath it, you find the little creatures, well camouflaged in their favoured wet and muddy environment.

Here are some of the living snails that we retrieved. We found 32 live ones all up, and 40 empty shells.
It was a great group of people that I shared the morning with as well. A young grad who was there found this wonderful dragonfly. Roll on the next volunteer opportunity!


  1. Some might say bloody snails, but no doubt these little fellas are very important players in the bigger picture of our environment. What a great project.

  2. Muddy project. They like the wettest spots these snails. But it was fun!!

  3. I like seeing the dragonfly and snails on your blog. Your blog is really cool. Thanks for linking to my blog. From Shannon and Patrick.

  4. Simon, I don't know if you can eat them or not: given the muddy places they prefer to live in, I am not sure how tasty they would be. However, since they are a threatened species, I think the answer is that you shouldn't eat them!

  5. Dear Shannon and Patrick,
    Thanks for your comment. I loved your stories about the playground. I hope some new people find your blog and can read your stories too!!