Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Exploring in Wellington

Today in Wellington I met up with E from Canada, who I first met on the Camino. The cafe at Te Papa was a good place for a long relaxed chat to start with.
Then we headed out along the waterfront to start exploring the city. The sun shone on our day's explorations, and Wellington always looks stunning on a good day.
We saw lots of sculpture along the way... this was our first strong man... Seddon was our last.....We crossed the pedestrian bridge over to the Civic Square area, and E was struck by how 'people friendly' the whole Square and waterfront area was, and how interesting and varied the architecture was. Here are two photos I enjoyed taking- reflections and clouds......
We walked to the Cable Car station and rode up to the Botanical Gardens, before walking back downhill to the Begonia House and Cafe..... where we enjoyed lunch. Then it was off downhill some more, and back into the cbd- I really like the idea of Cable-Car-Up then Walk-Down!
We passed through the historic Bolton St Cemetery, and on into Parliament Grounds. One of the buildings there I never recognised at all- turns out it was the parliamentary library- and we were told that by a friendly MP called Nash, who a security guard told us was grandson of a former prime minister. E was impressed we had met someone famous and I am certain she will already know more about Walter Nash than I do.

It isn't often I just take time to explore Wellington like a tourist, but E and I both ended the day wishing we had time for more exploring tomorrow.....


  1. Maybe it was just the weather on the day, but I liked Wellington better than Auckland or Christchurch. The topography helped too I think. It is a nice thing to show tourists around with a little pride.

  2. I agree...... To me, Auckland is all about 'money', whereas the central part of Wellington seems to have been really developed with people in mind... and it seems like they are re-using more of the little old buildings around. Christchurch is very "English" whereas Wellington seems more "European". imo anyhow!

  3. I didnt know there was nude swimming in Wellington- he has a great tan!

  4. Actually there was a great nude headstone for one of our former Prime Ministers too in an old cemetery we walked through. But he was too far from the sea to have a tan. They also had his rear view near the path, but we wandered around the front to check out whether there was a fig leaf and there wasn't. (My Camino buddy led me astray!!)

  5. It looks a lovely City. And the sun ...

  6. Two days before this it didn't have sun..... it was a bitterly cold day here by all accounts!