Saturday, September 20, 2008

World Famous in Palmie

Palmerston North has quite a few events that are 'world famous' here in Palmie.... The Sakura springtime festival at IPC is one such event, and this year the weather has smiled for the cherry blossoms and the multicultural crowd drawn to see them.

And just like they do in the parks of Japan..... people pose to get their photos taken under the blossoms.
And tomorrow there is another legendary Palmie event... the St James Gala Day. Let's hope the sun shines for them as well......


  1. Happy Equinox Kiwi! Your days are getting longer, as our are getting shorter!
    As a matter of fact I shall be in the Southern Hemisphere myself in a few days - in Madagascar!

  2. You don't ever stay at home long do you!!!!!! Madagascar must be amazing.
    I have been reading about the Camino Aragonese, coming through the Somport Pass. Is that closer to the part of the Pyrenees you were exploring?