Friday, February 08, 2008

Country Roads

I think you could say I quite like my summertime work-life balance! This morning was a gorgeous sunny calm morning. I climbed on my bicycle at a respectable hour (ie when most other people were already at work) and cycled out into the countryside to deliver my relieving details to a school where I know several teachers.

You can see that I had a nice easy ride... we are talking flat floodplains in this direction. You can also see how dry the countryside is: it has been a warm, dry summer that we townies have loved, but that is not so easy for farmers.
The hills in the background... that's the direction I walk in when I want my hill walking practice. But today.... a nice gentle bike ride was a greaaat way to spend a couple of hours!

UPDATE: And just to make you all the more envious - I have just spent a couple of relaxed hours in the armchair, looking at the Lonely Planet book for Paris that I got out of the local library, working out what I might do on my three (jetlagged) days in Paris. My list is already too long for three days of course!
And just to make you less envious. Tonight I loaded up my pack. The pile on the bed did not look very big, but it weighs a ton. Tomorrow morning I plan a 3-4 hour hilly walk with said pack on my back. Guess who will be finding some items 'non-essential' after the walk!!


  1. Three days in Paris!! Lucky old Kiwi! Which area will you be staying in? You will have such fun. Simon is drooling with jealousy, and actually, so am I!

  2. I am staying near Republique. Three days will be gone before I know it!