Friday, January 25, 2008

Taylor's Mistake Walkway, Christchurch

My last day down south I wasn't flying out until mid-afternoon, and the kiddiwinks of the household, old and young, were away on varied exploits. So my friend suggested a walk to Taylor's Mistake. Beautiful walk, don't miss it. But try not to pick a hot sunny Canterbury day if you can manage it- phew!- did I drink a heap of water!!!
We parked near Sumner and headed uphill, getting a lovely view back over the suburb. First part of the climb was lovely and shaded too.

There was little shade on top, but the view as you walked around on the hills was magnificent. So dry everywhere though. (To think I thought it was getting dry-ish at home.)
The waters were quite rough, as you can see from these wave patterns down in the bay out from Taylor's Mistake itself. Somewhere along this last part of the walk I was desperate for more water.... but luckily, this was 'civilisation', and suddenly, I came across a drinking fountain! I drank a heap of water and filled my water bottle with more.

Down at the beach there were a lot of people in the water. The lifeguards were looking a bit nervous, as the water was really quite rough, with a big undercurrent dragging back out to sea. I hadn't taken my swimming togs, as I usually have an aversion to 'cold east coast currents'. But I paddled anyhow, and the waves soon had me wet up to my thighs. Lovely feeling on such a hot day! Great way to finish a trip to Canterbury.

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