Sunday, October 21, 2007

industrial walking

The weather here has been shocking in the past week or two. This week more than a few humans I know had a very bad dose of cabin fever as a result. But today actually had sunshine.... even if it was still a bit windy!

Anyhow, I got out for my hour-block walk this Sunday morning. A lot of the neighbourhood deciduous trees have a fairly full load of leaves, but still in that lovely light green spring colour.

I decided to take some photos on the 'industrial' section of my walk today. Simon, I am sure you will know what sort of end-point these concrete constructions are meant for... but not sure how many of my other readers will know!
I liked the shadow patterns on the concrete anyhow!

And Lorenzo, this last photo is for you. You always seem to manage to have an unusual 'take' on things. Perhaps you can think of a reason for this large 'hand'!


  1. Are they drinking troughs for stock? Is that concrete hand holding a mobile phone?

  2. One right maalie... the concrete all has farm uses. But it isn't a mobile phone ;-)