Saturday, July 14, 2007

Alice Springs

Arrived in Alice Springs on 30 June and had a few hours for a wander. The YHA is right beside the Todd River, a "dry" river, the first of many such I was about to see and recognise. The evaporation rate in this area is such that surface water soon disappears, but the presence of these river gums shows there is water under the ground, and the Aboriginal people know where to dig for it.
A toilet might be an odd first photo here, but I loved the colours. The red reminded me of Marrakesh in Morocco.
Blue sky, such an intense blue, the colour of the sky my whole time in the Northern Territory.

My first sight of tracks in a riverbed. We were to use 4WD to go up a couple of riverbeds on tour.

A (not very good) shot of galahs on the lawn, taken for maalie. We were to see many birds, especially in Kakadu, but mostly we were out walking and I couldn't stop the group to take photos of them!

A beautiful rubbish bin in Alice Springs. But an odd use for Aboriginal Art really. I didn't notice any significant pieces of Aboriginal Art in Alice but maybe I was there for too short a time.

This was a sign that surprised me: many Afghanis were brought to Oz with their camels to help with construction in the outback areas, because they could last so long without needing fresh water. The famous "Ghan" railway was named in recognition of them.

Had dinner this evening at Bojangles which I enjoyed. You can either eat in the rowdy front "pub" part, or head to the quieter back restaurant area (price is the same.) There is a huge amount of memorabilia including some fascinating old photos in the back area.
Walked home with the moon lighting my way. This is the view over the road from the hostel, looking out across the Todd River.

Early to bed, ready for early pick up, the first of many mornings I was to be up well before sunrise on this trip!

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