Sunday, February 11, 2007

Beehive Creek, Pohangina Valley

The Pohangina Valley is a well-kept Manawatu secret: it is a lovely place to relax and spend time. Today there was an easy tramping club trip along the Beehive Creek Walkway. Civilised start time: 9am meeting at Foodtown Carpark. Eleven of us to spend the morning together. Someone else I hadn't seen for years on the trip.

We started off with 2-3 kilometres of walking along the gravel road to the other end of the walkway - so we could 'save the best bit of the track until last'. The road was very peaceful on this lovely sunny Sunday summer morning, and only one vehicle passed us.

The first bit of the track involved climbing up to the top of a ridge. I was slow, but I have done this before in recent weeks, so it wasn't too bad! We had great views at the top, then we descended a steep wee hill to get down to the stream. All the last part of the walk involved walking along the streambed. The water was surprisingly warm and pleasant.

We ended our time out with some cafe crawling, not that we had intended that. First we called into the nearby Waterford, only to find it was crowded on this very sunny and pleasant Sunday lunchtime, with a jazz band playing outdoors. We decided not to wait, and headed for the Herb Farm, by this time feeling very hungry. It was, if anything, even more crowded! So we returned to Ashhurst and went to the Domain Cafe. By this time the lunchtime crowd had thinned. I had a scone smothered in cream and a hot chocolate. So much for the health benefits of tramping!!!! Thanks PNTMC for another day of great walking and good company.


  1. Dear Kiwi,
    You have the coolest life of anyone I know.
    Your pal,

  2. yeah...but you gotta remember I do have a job that takes up much of my life.... teaching.... so I do work hard as well.... but I can't blog about my job... confidentiality and all that!

  3. I have to tell you Kiwi that while I've been in Australia, seeing the photos you've posted has given me the itch to come visit NZ again. NZ was the first country outside Australia I visited some 15 years ago and your photos remind me of how awed I was at the time.
    I won't fit it in this year but I'm seriously thinking of planning a visit to NZ on my next trip to Australia.
    I also like how you take notice of your immediate environment. Paying attention to the detail around you enriches life so much.

  4. It is a cool country I lived in John! Going on tramping club trips is a great way to see more of it as well, as you get to go to places you might find it hard to get to by yourself.

    Walking along the gravel road reminded me of pictures I have seen of the Santiago route. It was pretty hot though by 10am.... it must get very hot on that Spanish route in June/July.

  5. Kiwi, as you say, a well kept secret! I often went up into the Manwatu and never found that beautiful place!

  6. Basically to get to Pohangina you drive to Ashhurst, then head up to the left through the village (instead of going on through the Gorge) and keep going. Yesterday it was incredibly calm in the Pohangina Valley.

  7. Kiwi,

    thanks for your thoughtful comment to the Mother's Day post on my blog.

    I appreciate your contribution.

    God Bless!