Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Manawatu River

I have quite a few photos of my current 'local' river, the Manawatu River. I have lived here in this area for 23 years now, so I guess I can consider this river 'home'. But I grew up in Waitara, where quite another river was part of my childhood. And in the province of Taranaki, many rivers started on the mountain and travelled down to the sea.

This photo is one of my favourites of the river, and I use it as the background on my PC screen. I find it very calming. (The river is not always this calm and I have other photos of it in flood!)


  1. Yes, I like the Manawatu, though I am more familiar with it further down at Foxton. The Hutt River was my 'local' it looks much like your picture where I lived in Upper Hutt.
    By the way, I enjoyed you "French for Walkers" post!

  2. I hope to build up my French vocab list considerably before I finally leave for my next trip!
    You were quick with the comment: we must be online at the same time though I am heading off to bed here myself!

  3. Not in this part anyhow as far as I know... you don't see people fishing here. But I am no expert!

  4. Rainbow trout have been introduced into most of New Zealand's rivers where there is splendid sport to be had. I think Lake Taupo is very famous for this, even I have caught trout there!