Sunday, August 12, 2018

Back in the Gorge

I am doing both the Milford and the Routeburn tracks in December- so training has begun in earnest to get my fitness up to scratch! Over the past month I have been walking on various circuits based on the Turitea Walkway here in the city. But the time has come to 'up-scale' my efforts onto the Manawatu Gorge Walkway.

It's been quite a while since I've walked there. I was slow up the hill.... and took rests- but I managed it all better than I had thought I would...
Here are a few photos from the morning's walk.

 Because the Gorge road itself is now closed, it seems like nobody is taking care of this commemorative plaque from 1926, dating from when the road was widened.
 This is the view from Tom's Lookout. There is a seat where you can rest after the hardest bit of the climbing up the Tawa Loop is all done, and it gives a good view over the Manawatu River. Note the nikau palm- there are many of these along this track.

 I love the view of punga fronds against sunshine and a blue sky.

 After recent rains the track was quite muddy in places, and there was quite a bit of this fungus.

 Here are some of the tall tawa trees the loop is named after- along with some nikau fronds.
This large sculpture of Whatonga, a Rangitane chief,  has been placed at the top of the Tawa Loop track.
On the way back down again, I stopped briefly at this lookout over White Horse rapids in the Gorge.

 I always love noticing the 'little things' along the way, like this spiderweb.
 You pass through a gateway as you enter the Gorge track. I took this photo as I finished- when the sunlight was better... The signs have information about Rangitane history and folklore connected with this place, as well as information about the geology etc.

I was glad to manage this walk without too much difficulty- and plan to be back most weekends over the coming six weeks- gradually going further along the track...

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